March 12th, 2021

RadiantQ is very excited to release a new version of our WPF Gantt Package, version 10.0. Among other things, we now also support the latest .NET 5.0! Here are the exciting new features in this version:

  • SelectedRowsDropCanceled event to listen for the cancel event.
  • Support for Hierarchical Data in OverviewControl.
  • RoundTimeAdjustedTo Event to let the user decide the rounding adjustment of times.
  • Introduced ScheduleToPlotWith event to decide the schedule dynamically.
  • New “PreventHorizontalShifting” option specifies whether horizontal movement if tasks should be prevented or not. Default is ‘false’.
  • Added .NET 5.0 Projects and assemblies. and updated .NET Core 3.0 to LTS Version .NET Core 3.1.
  • this.SelectionKeys = null to select a task without any keypress (See UG Topic – Taskbars Selection).

Some bug fixes.

Hope you enjoy working with our latest version as we did building it!

RadiantQ Team

NOTE: Download the latest version here: