June 27th, 2022

RadiantQ team is glad to announce a brand new release of jQuery Gantt Package 9.0 – more reason to celebrate this Summer! Here are the new features that made it into this version:

  • Save multiple predecessor values in MS project xml.
  • Ability to Print table only.
  • Improved support for Mac Safari + Magic mouse scenario.
  • Introducing DependencyLineStartItemPosAdjustment and DependencyLineEndItemPosAdjustment options in GC.
  • CanAutoScrollHandler option to prevent/continue the auto scroll feature.
  • Added GetScheduleToPlotWith option.
  • Introduced the ShouldEnforceDependencyConstraintsOnActivityHandler option in GanttControl.
  • Resource Allocation Unit calculation.
  • And several bug fixes.

As usual we have taken great care to ensure that these features integrate seamlessly with your current code base and intuitive to your users.

Wishing you all Happy and Healthy Coding!

RadiantQ Team

NOTE: Download the latest version here: http://radiantq.com/trial-downloads/