Welcome to our support center! We are here 24X5 to help you get going. Whether you are just getting started with our software, or require some advanced technical assistance, we are here to help you.

There are 2 ways to obtain Support.

  • Email us at support@radiantq.com with your question.
  • Use our Online Forum where you can look for solutions to your questions or post a question. To be able to post your question, first get an account created for yourself (please send a login request email and we will set it up for you).

When you do so, please be sure to provide this info:

  • Are you an evaluator or a licensed user.
  • ┬áThe OS and development platform (VS 2010 or something else) you are working on and the client browser (IE, Firefox, etc.), if any.
  • Your question. Please attach any screenshot, sample code and other references.

Before you email, please do check the Class Reference and Users Guide that are part of the install, for a whole lot of answers.

Reporting Bugs
With a whole set of Unit testing driving our release, you should be hard pressed to find bugs, but if you do encounter them please let us know, we will be bent upon fixing it and provide you a patch asap.

Support contracts
You get 1 Year of free support and access to all our service packs when you purchase the product. You can extend the support contract at 40% of the original purchase price.