What is the difference between the Standard and Enterprise (or Source) versions?

Note that both the versions are licensed per developer. Here are the differences between the 2 versions:

The Regular Edition provides you the following:

  1. Includes 1 Year of Subscription.
  2. Unlimited Support (2 day response time) while Subscribed.
  3. Access to all Official releases while Subscribed.

The Enterprise (or Source) Edition provides you the following:

  • Includes 1 Year of Subscription.
  • Full unminified, debuggable Source for our Gantt Widgets.
  • Priority, Unlimited Support (1 day response time) while Subscribed.
  • Access to all Official and unofficial releases while Subscribed.

Is there a distribution or deployment cost?

Owning at least a single valid developer license by a company allows the company to distribute RadiantQ’s files within their servers and employee machines. This means that you may distribute your applications linking to our Software incurring no royalty fee, regardless of the number of copies you redistribute, on the number of servers you deploy within your company.

What languages do you support in your product?

All our Gantt products are localization enabled to make them work with any culture. Built-in strings are pre-localized for certain languages like:

  • German
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • etc.

And more language files can be easily added on demand.

What kind of documentation do you provide?

All our product Installs include detailed Users Guide, Class Reference and plenty of samples to help you get started and get familiar with the product.

If you are new to our product and need to get familiar with it feel free to download our Trial Install which has all the above too.

How much does the product cost?

  • The Silverlight Gantt Package Developer License : $899
  • Silverlight Gantt Package with Source Developer License : $1799
  • WPF Gantt Package Developer License : $899
  • WPF Gantt Package with Source Developer License : $1799
  • jQuery Gantt Package Developer License : $899
  • jQuery Gantt Package Enterprise Edition Developer License : $1799
  • SharePoint Single Site Collection License : $799
  • Sharepoint Farm License : $2999

There are discounts for multiple licenses at this rate:

Licenses Price
1 Full Price
2- 5 20% discount
6+ Please contact sales@radiantq.com for latest bulk discount options.

See question on Distribution for information on the same.

How does licensing work?

Silverlight, WPF and jQuery Gantt Package
The product is licensed per named developer.

  • See question on Distribution to know more about the same.
  • If a consulting developer is working on 2 different client projects both using our product, then 2 unique licenses, per client, will be required.

SharePoint Gantt WebPart
Licensing is per SharePoint server. A license file needs to be installed on the SharePoint server.

How does the evaluation version of the jQuery, Silverlight and WPF Gantt Packages work?

The evaluation version contains all the features of the licensed version but with nagging windows, dialog boxes and watermarks. When you buy a license, you should uninstall the evaluation version and install the fully licensed version.

Does the product cost include Support and Maintenance?

You own the product you purchase perpetually.

Your license purchase also comes with 1 year Subscription.

The Subscription service provides you Technical Support as well as access to all New Releases. You can renew and continue to renew your Subscription on an annual basis.

What is the cost to renew the Subscription?

You can renew the Subscription before your current subscription expires on an annual basis at 40% of the product’s current list price.

After your subscription expires, you will have to purchase the latest version at the current full price.

I just bought your product through a vendor, but it’s older than the latest version listed in your site, what happens now?

Our vendors sometime do take a bit longer to update their downloads. No problem, you can simply email us your proof of purchase and we will let you download our latest.

Can RadiantQ help us implement some extensions or other jQuery/.NET development?

Yes, we do provide consulting on an hourly basis. To begin with, please send us a description of your requirement/project.