Written natively for Silverlight, the gantt controls are very rich, customizable, light weight and high performing.
  • Use Project Gantt for visualizing a hierarchical task list.
  • Use Resource Gantt for implementing a Resource Utilization view.
  • Virtualized Rendering enables you to visualize thousands of rows in no time.
  • Ideal for all types of projects including – Construction, Software Development, Airline schedule, Compliance, New Product Launch, New Business Plans, Customer Service, etc.

Intuitive and Interactive Editing

Rich set of built-in editing functionalities with built-in Undo/Redo Support, provides you a rich and functional UI right from the get go!

Interactive Task Moving and Resizing in the Gantt Chart

Interactively Editing the task times in the Gantt Table

Interactive Dependency Line Connection in the Gantt Chart

Interactively Move one or more tasks in the Gantt Table

Interactively edit the Task Progress

Browse To Task Cues

Filtered View of Tasks

Extensible Visualization

Use a set of built-in visualization options like Resource Load View, Critical Paths or customize the look to visualize tasks and regions of interest.

Resource Load View – side-by-side with Project Tasks View.

Auto Hiding Time line headers as the end-user zooms in and out on the timeline

Use Templates to create the look and feel of your choice

Highlight Critical Paths with Custom Task Colors

Fully customizable Gantt table with custom column and custom colors for rows

Adorn Tasks with Templates to visualize Baselines for example

Highlight Regions of interest in the Chart

Built-in Scheduling Functionality

A rich Gantt Model sits between your data and the gantt and provides custom scheduling capabilities, resource assignment and resource leveling capabilities, WBS Support, etc.
Ability to provide a custom Calendar/Schedule for the entire project, custom Calendar for Resources or custom Calendars for specific Tasks.

Tasks in a 24X7 Schedule

Same Tasks in a 8X5 Schedule

Multiple Resource Assignment UI – even make partial assignments

Tasks Leveled based on Resource Assignment

Gantt data exported to MS Project

Task Bars showing Working Times

Recurring Tasks in the gantt

A Fully MVVM compatible FlexyGantt, ideal for Resource Utilization Visualization

FlexyGantt is a variant of our Gantt that lets you to bind directly to any kind of data source from flat lists to multi-level hierarchical data sources just like you would bind to a TreeView using HierarchicalDataTemplates. Easily point the control to time properties in your bound types via XAML bindings. You can even bind to a project gantt’s model to implement a “Resource View” of your project.

Overlapped Rendering of Tasks to indicate conflicts

FlexyGantt with Dependency Lines

Collapsible Tasks for Summarized Information

Drag and drop resources in GanttTable with intuitive visual cues

Resource Allocation Threshold Visualization UI

Resource Load View – side-by-side with Project Tasks View.

Drag and Drop tasks across resources in the chart.

Tasks with Baseline View

Server Status Visualization