RadiantQ Gantt App (for Office 365, SP 2016 and greater) and WebPart (for SP 2013 and lower) solutions works with Microsoft® SharePoint® and is a great upgrade to your plain SharePoint lists, providing you a never before seen rich and interactive Gantt UI for managing project Tasks and Resources.
  • Available as an App for the latest Sharepoint Versions (Office 365 and SP 2016 and greater)
  • Available as a Sandbox and Farm solution for Sharepoint 2013 and earlier
  • Admin configurable using a built-in configuration dialog
  • Bind to any Sharepoint list or Microsoft® SQL Server® table

Project Tasks Visualized in an interactive RadiantQ Gantt WebPart

Intuitive and Interactive Editing

Rich set of built-in editing functionalities provide you a rich and functional UI right from the get go!

Interactive Task Moving and Resizing in the Gantt Chart

Interactively Editing the task times in the Gantt Table

Interactive Dependency Line Connection in the Gantt Chart

Interactively Move one or more tasks in the Gantt Table

Interactively edit the Task Progress

Extensible Visualization

Use a set of built-in visualization options like Critical Paths, Resource Load View or customize the look to visualize tasks and regions of interest.

Assign Resources to Tasks + Resource Load View

Auto Hiding Time line headers as the end-user zooms the timeline

Critical Path toolbar

Highlight Critical Paths with Custom Task Colors

Filter by Sharepoint Views

Adorn Tasks with Templates to visualize Project Baselines

Built-in Scheduling Functionality

A rich Gantt Model sits between your data and the gantt and provides custom scheduling capabilities, resource assignment and resource leveling capabilities.

Tasks in Full Time (24X7) Schedule

Same Tasks in a 8X5 Schedule

Custom Gantt Schedule


A very flexible FlexyGantt, ideal for Resource Utilization Visualization

Flexy Gantt is a variant of our Gantt that lets you provide an easy way to manage your tasks connected to resources. Easily point the Gantt to time fields in your lists via Configure Settings.

FlexyGantt with shrunk overlapped tasks

Interactive Task Moving and Resizing in the Gantt chart

Add task at a specific time – context menu


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