RadiantQ glad to start the new year with an exciting new update for our Silverlight and WPF Gantts.

All the New Features can be seen in our Online Demo (for Silverlight) now. You can also download a free evaluation of our package here.

What’s New
a) Resource Load View – A very sought after view, built using our FlexyGantt, plots Loads for Resources across a time line in a bar-chart fashion, to easily let you visualize overloads and adjust resource assignments.
Combine it with our GanttControl to see Project Tasks and the loads for their Assigned resources, side-by-side, synched by timeline.
b) Ability to adjust dependency lines to center with task bars (as opposed to centering within the row)
c) Ability to center Milestones in FlexyGantt (new static property TaskItemControl.MilestoneWidth added)

Hope you enjoy working with this version as much as we did building this.

RadiantQ Team