We are glad to announce one of our biggest updates to date of our jQuery Gantt Package, with a whole new set of features, that goes above and beyond what you have been waiting for!

Note that all the new features mentioned below can be seen in action in our online demo here:

Here is what’s new in 4.0:

– Whole new set of PHP Samples
– A full set of TypeScript Samples.
– Drag and drop rows within the gantt table to visually reorder task rows.
– Virtualized Grid Rendering for much improved performance. New property UseVirtualization.
– Much improved overall performance, throughout.
– Extensive Touch support in iPad, Win8, etc.
– Support for Vertically moving tasks in FlexyGantt.
– Export To Image Feature.
– Multiple resource picker for use in the Resource column editor.
– Recurring Tasks support in GanttControl
– Support for Knockout 2.3.0
– Calender and CalenderWithException model level types to support defining custom calendars for project schedules.
– Optional Time Line cues while dragging and resizing tasks.
– Ability to assign a Capacity to a Resource, to affect Leveling logic.
– And many other smaller features.
– Various bug fixes.

We strive hard to prevent any breaking changes. However, we had to make a few minor changes to raise the standards, here is the list:

CSS Class names are changes
We have renamed a lot of our classes defined in the radiantq.gantt.default.css, mainly to include a “rq” prefix. If you had modified the CSS or overridden any of those base styles, please make appropriate changes. More on this topic here.

We encourage you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as you can find some time!

With Regards from
RadiantQ Team