Gantt Controls for all platforms, devices and scenarios

Developing apps in the rich WPF platform? RadiantQ provides the best package of Gantt Controls with high performance, feature richness, standards compliance and great looks.

Targeting cross-platform desktop and mobile devices through web apps? We have the best solution available in our jQuery Gantt Package – a native HTML5 based component, with never before seen interactivity and richness all in a standards based jQuery UI Gantt Widget. Wrapped as an ASP.NET WebControl, MVC extension, PHP and with TypeScript interfaces for easy integration with your apps.

Use the gantts to develop Project Management, Resource Management, Production Planning, etc. type applications (to name just a few), taking your user interface to a great new level.

The Project Gantt is an MS Project like project-task hierarchy viewer and editor with built-in scheduling, resource assignment and constraints support. The Resource Gantt is a very light-weight gantt control that can bind to any kind of resource hierarchy to display and track their utilization. Both these controls come with an editable multi-column tree list, dynamic and zoomable time scale headers, rich and interactive task bars and excellent Printing options.

I congratulate the guys at RadiantQ on the fantastic level of support that I’ve received. I can’t remember any time in the past when I’ve received this level of pre-sales support from any organization. This really is unprecendented as far as I’m concerned; my weekJoeAtEnterprise

is The Best Gantt Control! great support!RodolphoSa

Great control. I’ve been looking for a gantt control for months now. There’s not much out there. This control is so easy to get up and running. I had literally NO silverlight experience, my app was running on ASP.NET 3.5 vs2008. In 3 days IJonathan Stone

I have to say that it’s hard to impress me having been in the software business quite a long time. The radiantQ control is well thought out and has very good extensible design. It is very nice to see that there are still developers thatLuisRH

My team is using Silverlight Gantt Control for about 1 year now. My Team added lot of features to this control (as per our business needs) and I am very happy with the kind of support we received from Radiant Q people. They are realRajiv Ghatage

This silverlight controls is great, easy-to-use, beautiful looking and fully customizable. In our SaaS application we have tested it with lots of data, and it works quite fine. By the way, the support is awesome, we’d got some problems which was solved very quickly. ThanksOleg Parinov

Well done RadiantQ on this fantastic product. The level of support is nothing short of excellent too. They really helped us get our solution to market. If all software companies were like this, then my job would be so much easier. I can?t say enough good thingsKarl Nolan

There is a winning combination here — of excellent controls, plenty of sample projects and amazing customer support. I have never experienced customer support like this – fast turn around and answers that were perfect. I already had my data model (with obserable collections) and IDRS Technologies

Brilliant work of art. A fast and beautiful control that works better than advertised. And just when you think you have reached a limitation, the excellent customer support sends you code to show you how you could achieve your goal. If you are looking forTakalaneSesame

The thing I like the most about the RadiantQ Gantt control is how flexible it is, how easy it is to toss data at it and customize it. The provided demos are very helpful and covers a lot of topics. The customer support is quick toTobiasAtSweco

Great control – Very impressed with the quality of it, and how fast it is!Mike Morley

My Team has been using version 1.6 and now version 2.0 of the RadiantQ control to build a custom project management application in Silverlight 4.0, and the control has worked out great. The API is very straight forward, and when we’ve needed additional hooks intoDan Frame

The RadiantQ jQuery Gantt Package has been a blast to implement into our application! The provided documentation and example pages have been a huge help during implementation. The RadiantQ Support team has been quick to respond to questions and concerns and they have provided usDan Eding

I'm using the RadiantQ Gantt Control for purposes not directly linked to the PM environment and I can easily confirm the great, brillant and flexible work done by RadiantQ! A special thanks (giant thanks!) goes to the Support, probably the most efficient and functional support thatAlessandro_P

RadiantQ jQuery package is a very cool product, and the integration from visual dataflex webapp is very easy. The support from RadiantQ is in top. The Gantt package is what you need, if you are looking for a product like thisFlemming From

The control works well and is as configurable as you need. There is nothing we wanted to do that required a workaround on our part. There are a lot of nice touches that show maturity. I have to say RadiantQ’s dev and support turnaround is someS. Owens

RadiantQ’s Silverlight Gantt works well, and they’ve been helpful so far by providing useful samples when requested. When a bug has been spotted, they’ve been quick to provide a fix. We had started to use IBM ILOG Silverlight Gantt in our product, but IBM’s support wasDanGallo


  • New Release: jQuery Gantt Package 9.0 -

    June 27th, 2022 RadiantQ team is glad to announce a brand new release of jQuery Gantt Package 9.0 – more reason to celebrate this Summer! Here are the new features that made it into this version: Save multiple predecessor values in MS project xml. Ability to Print table only. Improved support for Mac Safari + […]


  • JIRA Gantt Plugin


    Using JIRA for Project Management? Get our Crystal Gantt for Gantt Visualization of your Project for better Task and Resource Management.

    • Interactively build a hierarchy of summary and subtasks and also setup dependencies between them.
    • Inline edit task’s progress, time and duration and dependencies. Zoomable time line to get a full bird’s eye view of the project or get deep for details.
    • Use built-in filters to zero down on tasks of interest.
    • Inline Editing of task details in the grid and in the chart.

    Project and Resource Gantts for WPF

    Written natively for WPF, the gantt controls are very rich, customizable, light weight and high performing. And now includes native .NET Core assemblies.

    • Use Project Gantt for visualizing a hierarchical task list.
    • Use Resource Gantt for implementing a Resource Utilization view.
    • Virtualized Rendering enables you to visualize thousands of rows in no time.
    • Plenty of Common features between the gantts keep your learning curve small.

    jQuery Gantt Package

    jQuery Gantt Package is a truly cross-platform, native HTML5/jQuery based implementation with 2 distinct gantt widgets for all your gantt based visualization needs. Also comes with a ASP.NET WebControl and as an MVC extension for easy integration in your existing apps.

    • Use the Project Gantt for visualizing a hierarchical list of tasks with built in support for scheduling, dependencies, etc.
    • Use the Resource Gantt for implementing a Resource Utilization view.
    • A familiar jQuery based API makes it very easy to adopt in your applications.
    • Can be used seamlessly with popular jQuery patterns and practices like KnockOut (KO), etc.